Monday, September 19, 2011

Girl Crush #1, OR; We Are Non-Practicing Lesbians

I think it's time we tell you... Kayla and I like chicks. If you haven't gathered. We have a fashion blog, so duh, we like chicks.
UNFORTUNATELY, as hard as we try, we still like like men. As a reconciliation between these two different (but equally strong) strains of like, we have decided to come out to you, our beloved and trustworthy readers, as the Non-Practicing Lesbians we are, and show you a few of our many lady loves.

For the first installment of Girl Crush, we have decided to feature one of our personal favorite femme d'accomplissement  (not just being pretentious, the French is a theme... you'll see.) HEATHER CLARK of  the rockin' blog Heather in a Candy Shop .


We found this bangin' biddie commenting all over one of the most legendary of fashion blogs, and one we may or may not read on a hourly basis, The Man Repeller , and fell in love. So when Heather was the lucky duck winner of the Galleries Lafayette  + Man Repeller contest to represent New York in the world's biggest fashion show located in Paris, France (if we didn't have a big ol' girl crush on her, we'd probably hate her), we were like HELL YEAH GIRLFRIEND.
'Cause, girlcrush aside, she totally deserved it. I mean, just check that winning outfit (up, up look up ^). That girl can rock a turband like no other (sorry Kayla), not mention royal blue with leopard print... no one has p'owned that combination so hard since Henry VIII (the original P.I.M.P.)

We caught up with Heather right before her glorious trip to gaie Paree and, in between wiping the drool off our chins, asked her a few fauning questions:

Hey Heather, wuss poppin chicaa????

Hey Girls!

So, first question (oh my god my palms are sweating); How did you get into blogging? 

A girlfriend introduced me to blogs a couple years ago and once I saw what you could do with them I wanted my own right away. I was also designing and selling jewelry at the time and thought it would be a great way to showcase how I would style my pieces. Nowadays I spend more time blogging than designing jewelry, but hopefully I'll be able to strike a balance again soon. 

What city do you blog from (can we visit you)? 

San Francisco!

Which blogs do you read regularly (besides As If, obviously) ? 

Cheetah is the New Black, This Time Tomorrow, Late Afternoon, Atlantic Pacific, Because I'm Addicted, Sea of Shoes...the list goes on I read tons.

As Ms. Man Repeller, how many men would you say you repel per week, on average?

My biggest repelling victory has actually been winning the Galeries Lafayette contest where I'm being flown to Paris to walk in the world's biggest fashion show next week!  I made it to the top ten most liked looks and then Leandra of ManRepeller picked me :) I hit many of the man repelling bases, a turband, color blocking, weapons as jewelry, and leopard. I'd actually say in general I'm a propeller/repeller hybrid.

Besides that one, what are your most successful repelling outfits? 

I have a silk periwinkle long jumpsuit with silver pyramid one is talking to me in that thing, especially when I pair it with my leopard jacket.  I also have a light, ultra high waisted pair of mom looking jeans I love. 

Let's say some of our readers don't want to go home alone on occasion (As if!) , do you have any man attracting outfits? 

Fitted mini skirts with high heels.

How do you feel about our girlcrush on you? 

I'm very flattered!

So that's a no on a date then...?

Who are your favorite designers / stores? 

I love Shopbop & Gilt for online and for in-store Bloomingdales, Neimans, Saks, H&M,  Zara, TopShop, and J.Crew. Alice + Olivia, DVF, and Tibi are some of my top designers although I love vintage too.

Describe your Desert Island Outfit (not the time to be practical): 

I'd be in sky high YSL heels, a jewel toned high waisted silky pants suit, a big statement necklace, and tons of cocktails rings.

How do you feel about jumpsuits?

 I feel great about them. So easy to throw on. I just hate that I have to get naked every time I  pee.

We knew we liked you. Are there any current trends you hate or wouldn't try?

I'm sorry I know you like them, but designer sneakers! Can't do it. 

Ooooh, that hurt. Who is your girlcrush (besides us, obviously) ?

I love Hanneli, she always looks so effortlessly chic, but still interesting.

Last chance, are you free for coffee next week? 

Let's talk about coffee after Paris. I have many an outfit to coordinate before then :)

yesssssssssssss. Thanks Heathz.

We would tell you about what happened to our lady in Paris, but that's kinda her job. So ask her!!

And in conclusion:



-- Ema & Kayla

PS. As an homage to Heather's necklace, my next lone post will be a DIY with bullet shells. Look forward to it.... -Ema

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  1. thanks girls :) stoked to see the diy bullet necklace post! one can never have too many bullet necklaces