Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back To School Quickie, Or; I had an epiphany before my first class and needed to share it with my lovelies.

For this glorious first day of classes (the weather being ever-so conducive to studying and patent leather boots) I have assembled the PERFECT outfit. It is subtle, creative, classy, and completely original, compiling only this fall's most avante-guarde trends to create a super trend of newness. Please hold on to your hats, ladies, because this may shock your socks off (cliché confusion? I'm in a rush):

Combine the cutting edge Outfitteurs d'Urban red, patent leather heeled combat boots with a Scottish Warioress (that's a word right?) inspired kilt. Then take your summer cami and hit it with a new twist by unbuttonning all the buttons except the one right between your boobies and tying it in a little knot. Trust me, this'll get girls screaming "WHERE did you get that CRAZY top???" (Somebody recently asked me if I bought it at Rickies, does anyone know where that is? Is it Danish?). Layer that with a mismatched blazer (clashing is IN, ladies) and top it off with ever appropriate giant hoop earrings (La Claire's), a scruntchie (hidden in this photo) and a backpack (de Jansport) for practicality.

With this flawless and innovative ensemble, you will soon be recognized by your classmates as the true fashionista we know you are. Don't forget to thank As If!

Happy first my babies,

Gossip Girl (Sorry! It just came out!!)


DISCLAIMER: Ema did not actually wear this out fit to all her any of her classes. She is saving it for grading season.

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